Review: Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

It is without a doubt that Lush is the ultimate maker of fresh masks. They have a variety of masks for your skin problem made from skin-loving organic ingredients. It’s interesting to know that the spices hiding in the corner of your kitchen cabinet are actually among those ingredients!

Choosing what face mask to try next is one of my dilemmas when I enter a Lush store. I wanna try them all! But since they’re freshly made, they expire quickly too (compared to other masks like Mask of Magnaminty).

My previous face mask was the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. I just had to bear it’s uselessness to my face for 2 months because I don’t want to waste it. Yes, the mint can be relaxing anyway. It used to work on me but after a while of using it, nothing noticeably changed.

Moving on from a failed relationship with M.O.M, and with a skin looking dull and grainy, Brazened Honey had a promise I couldn’t resist- “exfoliating, stimulating and nourishing mask for tired skins”. My skin is indeed tired and lacking the beauty glow. I knew I had to get this mask!


Brazened Honey is basically a detox for the face. It has potent ingredients; spices (rosemary, cardamom, fennel, parsley, turmeric and coriander)- usually cardamom and fennel are found in detox teas, eggs, honey, lime, ground almond, ginger, kaolin clay and talc.

Perfect for combination and oily skin, it deeply cleanses clogged pores with Kaolin clay, exfoliates dead skin with ground almonds, absorbs excess oil with talc, brighten skin with lime, egg and honey to smoothen the rough spots, and spices to stimulate not only the skin but the mind too.

Just a warning to people who have sensitive skin, it stings when applied, due lime being a natural astringent. No wonder it’s called Brazened! After it dries off a bit, the stingy part ends. Best to have it on your face, after a hot shower (to open your pores), for 15-20 mins.


I was cooking while wearing the mask so the heat from the pan kind of worked as a steamer lol.

It doesn’t matter if you wash it off with warm or cold water, it’ll still give you soft, smooth and renewed-looking skin either way. I love the squeaky clean feeling it leaves on my skin.

The only problem but not really a huge one is the scent. It has raw eggs so what can I expect right?

If you’re tired of having “tired skin” go to Lush, grab this fresh mask, and smother all over your face. One word for this mask- AMAZING.

Until my next review…I’ll try to post other brands too but I can’t promise because Lush will always be my favorite skincare brand!



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