Happy Skin Haul & Quick Reviews

I’m such a lagger not knowing a wonderful brand exists. And the best part, it’s a Philippine make up brand! Happy Skin has been around since 2013, starting on the counters of Plains and Prints. And now, they’ve become a cult brand to many skin-loving Filipinos.

How I came to know the brand? Word of mouth. My friend wanted to meet Heart Evangelista. For that to happen, she needs to buy 2,500 pesos worth of make up. I didn’t buy anything because I need to try the testers first.  So my cousin and I tried their products. And OMG was all I could say when I saw my cousin’s lips looking like Kylie Jenner’s (or even better).

I’m currently addicted to their awesome products. Here’s my haul and a quick review on Face the World Serum, Shut Up and Kiss Me Lippies (shades: Honeymoon Glow, Pop that Question, Wonder Woman and Mistletoe Kiss) and, Lip and Cheek Mousse in Warm and Toasty. 


For oily-skinned people like me, our pores are hyper-active and should be taken seriously when it comes to face foundation. Truly, face make up makes us more radiant and blemish-free in an instant. I wish it was as easy as it was back in high school; just put Johnson’s baby powder on your face and voila! oil is gone but you’ll be looking like a half-baked pizza with flour dust. It doesn’t work that way! As we aged, our skin problems get complicated.

I’m not worry about having wrinkles yet but I would want to use a product that will delay the lines. As much as we want to have a flawless looking skin, using a face foundation everyday can also clogged our pores. See? Complicated skin problems!

Face the World Air Serum with SPF 20 PA ++ (the more “+” means it has higher protection from UVA rays), is heaven sent. It’s a serum, sun screen and a CC (color corrector) creme that works for all skin tone.


On days (especially mornings before work) when I feel lazy to do the step by step moisturizer, primer and foundation routine, this is the perfect product.

Packaging: I don’t ever want to throw the box away! The bottle is plastic and the size is great for traveling.

Shade: It’s a CC creme, which means it works for all skin tone. It blends well on my face and my mom’s too (she has a lighter tone than I do).

Scent: No harsh chemical scent. It kinda smells like chamomile.

How it looks on my skin: It gives a natural glow to my skin, sheer to light coverage. I tried it on my auntie who has dark spots on her cheeks and it did little to hide the discolorations on her skin. I do love how it looked on my face- looking soft, healthy and has a dewy finish.

How it feels on my skin: I feel like I’m not wearing any foundation at all. However, after being exposed to dirt and pollution, my skin felt really oily. In my opinion, this product doesn’t reduce the sebum production. So, be sure to bring your toner with you to freshen up and re-apply the serum.

Price: 1,299 pesos.


It is always heartbreaking to find out that the latest lipstick shade trend is not a good match for your skin tone. It has always been the case for me whenever MAC cosmetics introduces a new line. Sad life? Not! Happy Skin’s Shut and Kiss Me shade choices are just awesome to the highest level because they are made for “Morenas” like me.


Price: 599-649 pesos

Texture: there are two types- Moisturizing Matte and Moisturizing. There’s only a slight finishing difference with the moisturizing ones having a creamy gloss.

Packaging: A crayon-like lipstick on a really cute tube. The box and the shade names are so fun!


Pop the Question (in moisturizing matte): Nude, soft pink and frosty finish

Wonderwoman (in moisturizing): Dramatic mid-brown

Honeymoon Glow (in moisturizing matte): Rosy, warm brown

Mistletoe Kiss  (in moisturizing): Red but not as Red as Taylor Swift’s red, has a hint of wine undertone.

How it feels on my lips: I fell in love on the first swipe! No wax feeling at all; It’s like your applying lip balm- leaving your lips soft and moisturized.

How it looks on my lips: You have to try it on your lips to find out how the actual shade is. First application is pigmented already but it won’t leave a artificial-looking lips. No priming of lip balm is needed.

Staying power: It does transfer when you pat it on cloth or tissue (so it will definitely transfer when you kiss your boyfriend!). It will stay on your lips for 3-4 hours as long as you keep it there without eating or drinking.


Make up that has dual (or more) purpose is something I would buy. Given my laziness every waking hour, Happy Skin’s Lip and Cheek Mousse will definitely be a mainstay in my life.

Price: 699 PHP

Texture: To cut it short, it’s like a mousse. The consistency is quite similar to NYX matte liquid lipstick. But it is easier to spread on the lips and cheek evenly compared to the latter.

Shade: Warm and Toasty is very nude on the lips and a bit peachy on the cheeks.

How it feels on my skin: I normally skip the blush on when putting on make up to avoid breakouts but this product didn’t give me any skin irritation at all. On the lips, it’s like a creamy lip gloss feeling.

How it looks on my skin/lips:  I should have bought a darker shade since I have morena skin, I need to apply two-three times to create a natural looking flush.

On my lips, it’s really nude so there’s no color at all- it just mattified my lips which is okay if you’re going for an everyday look.

Better on the lips or on the cheeks? I would use it more often as a blush on than a lip creme. For this shade, I don’t find it flattering on my lips.



Happy Skin instantly became a favorite of mine. I’m confident to recommended it to a friend because all their products are non-mediocre. From the lipstick shades to their face serum (CC creme), the creators really put a lot of thought in to it. They don’t follow the latest make up trend- they are the trend! It’s time to give your skin the happiness it deserves by using good quality products.

My closing words for this review? Thank goodness, they ship internationally.


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