Review: Studio City, Macau

We went to Macau last spring to have our much needed rest and relaxation.The last few weeks at work was hectic and I needed to feel a little luxury that is within my reach.

We booked Studio City, one of the latest hotel and casino establishment in Macau. It has, I could say, the most iconic structure- a ferris wheel on the middle. I’ve never seen such a unique feature. It looks so futuristic.


The Room

The room was spacious- two beds with plush furnishings (plenty of room to sit and read a book). It doesn’t however has any character, unlike the Venetian rooms.

As expected, in big hotels, the beds are the best. I could quickly fall asleep in seconds!


The bathroom is my favorite place in any hotel room. It’s simple and elegant.


The tea and coffee section

I absolutely loved the tea selection from TWG. Oh, and we have an expresso machine too!



Experiencing the Wheel

We had two complimentary tickets to ride the wheel, a ferris wheel shaped like the number 8. It was kinda of scary when you’re actually on it. Below is a photo of the pool.


The morning after was spent in the pool. I had nothing but smiles on my face. A satisfying stay worth every dollar!




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