Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick Review

When you’re on a hunt for new lipstick shades but kinda short on money then Wet N Wild lipsticks are here for you to prey.

In Hong Kong, Wet N Wild lipstick are sold by online stores who buy from the U.S. So there’s not much choice of shades. Big department stores and drugstores do not carry them yet. I won’t be surprised if one day it’ll be in Watson’s or Mannings. Because these lipsticks are making waves in the blogger community.

I got most of my lipsticks from my colleague who recently went home to the U.S. Bless her heart!

Wet N Wild “Megalast” lipstick is semi-matte and has a lot of color choices for different skin tones. Many people prefer wearing matte than glossy or shimmery lipstick because it provides a natural and solid color.

For this post I will be wearing: Just Peachy, Cinnamon Spice, Cherry Bomb, Mauve Outta Here, 24Carrot Gold, Spiked with Rum, Sand Storm and Dollhouse Pink (new shade which I got from a friend).These are all different variety of shades.

Spiked with Rum_Fotor  Just Peachy_Fotor Cherry  Bomb_FotorCarrot Gold_Fotor Mauve_Fotor Sandstorm_Fotor

Cinnamon Spice_Fotor Dollhouse pink_Fotor

Honestly, most of the shades can be considered as MAC duplicates. My favorite so far is Spiked With Rum. The pigment flatters my skin tone.

Before putting on this lipstick, you must moisturize your lips as it could get a bit drying after 4-5 hours. It applies smoothly but one layer is never enough.

Tip: exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub can also help get rid of the patches.

A lot of bloggers complain about the packaging and how lose the lid can be but I’ve never really had any problem with it. I just don’t like how the cap would usually hit the lipstick every time I lift it.

Overall, it is utterly a wonderful product perfect for the day and the night.

Where to buy in Hong Kong? I got my first Wet N Wild lipstick ($39) in Mong Kok CTMA center. There are online stores selling them on IG as well. If you have friends or relatives going to the U.S, ask them to buy these for you. It’s quite easy to find there however best-sellers get sold out quickly!


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