A Quick Guide to the Maldives

A real utopia on Earth, Maldives is unimaginably the cleanest country in the world. To say Maldives is overrated is a fallacy. It wouldn’t be a paradise if it isn’t one.
From the map, you’ll notice the small islands separated by the Indian ocean just south west of Sri Lanka. Those islands or atolls are what composed the smallest country in Asia, the Maldives.

When to go? 

It’s always sunny there but there are occasional clouds that may bring rain. However, for some reason, the clouds seem to move faster at the Maldives than anywhere else in the world. Five to ten minutes and you’re back to clear skies! Best time to go would be from December- April.
We went during the Labor day weekend. The weather was perfect, though it did rain during our first morning there but it didn’t last long.

Getting there: 
With the pristine beaches, and dreamy photos we see on the internet, we may have cultivate an idea the the Maldives is a paradise that is hard to reach. There are actually a lot options whether you’ll be coming from the Philippines or Hong Kong.
A six hour direct plane ride from Hong Kong is what we did via cathay pacific. Other options are: fly to Malaysia or Singapore to hop on a direct flight to the Maldives. Cebu Pacific has flights to Male, Maldives too.
Where to stay?
After a month of searching on our favorite hotel booking website, agoda, we decided to stay at Centara Ras Fushi Spa and resorts at North Male Atoll Giraavaru Island. Take note that some resorts at the Maldives are for “adults” only due to it’s location and architecture of the villas.  Our villa at Centara was above the water and we have an open balcony that leads you directly to the sea so I would say that definitely is not a place for children. Being 20 mins away from the airport by speedboat, this resort is definitely a slice of heaven! The sunset view from our water villa is just so relaxing.
Water  bungalow villas at Centara Ras Fushi
Another resort worth staying to is Kurumba. Though the view is blocked by ships, the place is an interior heaven! The rooms are spacious, and such a pleasantry to stay in! Complete with an outdoor shower, and bathtub, and a lanai porch facing the shore. The reason why we chose this hotel, it’s because of its historical importance to the Maldives; it is the first ever resort, owned by a local, and throughout the years of its existence it remains a 5 star” resort.

Beach front villas at Kurumba

Complimentary paddle board and kayak
Complimentary paddle board and kayak
swimming pool at night
swimming pool at night

What to do?
Aside from relaxing, and taking in every beautiful sight to your memory, the Maldives has a lot to offer.
  • Snorkeling is probably the quintessential way of exploring the Maldives. A complimentary among most resorts, snorkeling should be on top of the list. TIP: You may want to book resorts that are close to well-known snorkeling/diving sites. Centara Ras Fushi does have corals but not as rich as the Fish aquarium at Bandos resort.
  •  To visit the Maldives without seeing dolphins frolicking is incomplete. Dolphin Sunset cruise is one the most booked activities. TIP: You better book before arriving at the hotelFrom our snorkeling trip, we were lucky to spot a pair of dolphins. They were a bit shy so we weren’t able to get a clear photo of them but it was a breathtaking view to see these creatures being one with you.
  •  If the Philippine has jeepneys all over the metro, the Maldives main transportation would be the speedboat. I was able to drive a speedboat on the way to kurumba. The driver was kind enough to hand me the wheel.
Live corals at the Fish Aquarium, Bandos Island.
Live corals at the Fish Aquarium, Bandos Island.
 Essential trip tips: 
> For Philippine passport holders, the Maldives gives FREE visa on-arrival
>Print out all your itineraries, and hotel bookings
> Make prior transfer arrangements (airport transfer to the island resorts are not free)
> Bring instant cup noodles, chips and anything to keep you full. Food at the resorts could get really expensive.
> Always ready $1-2 tips to staff.


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